‘Akoya Pearl’, Pearls of Japan

Akoya pearls are made from Akoya oysters found in the sea surrounding Japan. Their high quality makes them highly regarded all over the world.

The pearls have perfect size of 6-8 cm, as well as natural light pink hue that helps to illuminate the wearer.

Akoya pearls are characterised by the beautiful lustre that forms the pearl. Japan's unique seasonal changes result in fluctuating seawater temperatures, which creates the optimum environment for the production of high-quality pearls.

Pearl locations

Akoya pearls are cultivated in Japanese waters. The main areas being in the Mie, Ehime and Nagasaki prefectures.

Hiroshima is located close to these areas, therefore we carefully select and purchase only the highest-quality pearls.

Pearl Cultivation

Pearl cultivation begins with the nurturing of young shellfish for about two years, until the are ready for nucleation

Then comes the most important moment in pearl cultivation: The nucleation. A 'piece' made by moulding a 2-3mm mantle of another shellfish, and a 'nucleus' made by moulding the shell of a freshwater bivalve mollusk into a round shape, are implanted together inside the mother shell.

The nucleated shellfish are then placed in areas where the waves are calm. They are then moved to offshore areas with good tides, and full-scale pearl
cultivation begins.

Pearl sorting

Pearls are living creatures created by nature.

No two pearls have the exact same shape, colour and brilliance, even if they grow in the same environment.

The pearls are sorted by size, colour and brilliance, and in each pearl a hole of less than 1mm is drilled by hand.

The pearls then undergo quality inspection. Only the pearls that meet these strict standards become WAKO pearl jewellery.

About WAKO

70th anniversary. WAKO, Hiroshima's leading jewellery brand.
Our policy is to purchase carefully selected high quality diamonds, pearls and gems from Japan and other parts of the world, and to offer them at appropriate prices.
Our workshops are staffed by designers, craftsmen, appraisers and other professionals.

「WAKO Pearls」

WAKO only purchases pearls that are judged to be high quality. These judgments are based on the experience and knowledge we have gained over the past 70 years. We offers pearls at an appropriate price and tailor to the requirements of our customers.

Pearls of the WAKO

  • Akoya Pearl Necklace[8.5㎜×8.0㎜]
  • Akoya Pearl Necklace[8.0㎜×7.5㎜]
  • Akoya Pearl Necklace[7.5㎜×7.0㎜]
  • Pearl Pendants in Yellow Gold
  • Pearl Pendants in Platinum
  • Pearl Pendants in Yellow Gold
  • Pearl Rings
  • Pearl ear cuff in Platinum
  • Pearl earrings in Platinum

Pearls of the world

  • White Butterfly Pearl (white)

    Pearls made from the white butterfly oysters found in the limited areas around the Southern Hemisphere.

    These pearls, which grow in warmer waters and are made from bivalve shells are larger in size than Akoya pearls with an average size of 10-15mm

    Location: Australia, Indonesia

  • White Butterfly Pearl (gold)

    Golden pearls are made from of white butterfly oysters found mainly in Myanmar. These pearls have a beautiful golden colour.

    These pearls are slightly smaller than their white colored counterpart, with an average size of 8-14mm

    Location: Myanmar

  • Black Butterfly Pearl

    The Black Butterfly Pearl is found in subtropical sea.
    95% of the production comes from the waters around Tahiti.

    It is characterised by its beautiful peacock green colour, and has an average size of 10-15mm

    Location: Tahiti

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